Monday, 28 July 2008

I am a Channel Swimmer

That was one very tough swim , probably the hardest I have ever had to ask of my body. Even two days later I can feel the sea motion as I sit typing this blog . I will do a fuller account of my swim but for the moment .
  • The highs - reaching France on a Sandy beach
  • The lows - sea sickness so early on in my swim
  • The laughs - Stroke technique from my coach in the middle of the English Channel
  • The tears - after about 8 hours my left rotator cuff ( Shoulder and upper arm ) was killing me

I have been back in the pool for very very gentle swims , my shoulders are very sore and I am very weary too.

Physio and Massage later this week and I will be back swimming pain free very soon

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Back to the boss !!

That's it for me now folk's. Today has been awesome and being involve in the whole week has been an unforgetable experience !!

The ETA for the boat is 2000 in Folkeston Harbour and I suspect that there may be a beer or two involved.



And now - The Money shot !! - Congratulations from everyone Nuala !!

TheTruelly Awesome Crew !!

The last bit !!


I am off for a breif bit of fresh air on my bike and will be back soon to keep the info going.

The journey back should take between two and three hours, so if you are coming to Folkeston that is a guide for you arrival time.


Text 25

She's surrounded by a mob on the beach i think! We can't see too well.